(Assume information is relevant about USDM models only unless otherwise stated)

Second generation Celica Supra (commonly referred to has mk2, or mark 2) started production for the US market in August 1981. The last car of this generation is confirmed to have a production date of November, 1985, with rumors of a very rare possibility of a December 1985 car.

For North America, all model years start with August of the previous year. Example: a Supra with the build date of AUGUST 1984 is going to be a 1985 model car, and will have the appropriate 1985 parts, color, trim, etc. (Non-North American cars go by production year not sales year)



  • 145hp 150ft/lbs. 8.8:1 compression
  • vacuum advanced distributor
  • windshield glass radio antenna
  • door lock located in center console
  • key lock gas filler door
  • black hatch and bumper
  • 85mph speedometer
  • 3.72 standard gearing
  • upper wing was an option for P-type only, not standard
  • tail lights had reverse light in the center
  • the early 1982 models had only “SUPRA” on the nose badge and b-pillar covers
  • door handles open by pulling sideways
  • automatic shifters were “T” shaped
  • 150hp 159ft/lbs.
  • electronic advanced distributor
  • switched to power antenna on quarter panel
  • had “Celica Supra” on nose badge and B-pillar
  • the 5 speeds had 4.10 gears
  • 1st year the P-types had mudflaps
  • 1st year P-types had leather option


  • automatics = kept the 8.8:1 compression 150hp/159ft/lb engine
  • 5 speeds = got the 9.2:1 compression ratio 160hp 163 ft/lb engine
  • D-shaped intake runners on 5 speed cars
  • 1st year the mkII had wrap around turn signals and a new style steering wheel
  • also got a bump in a 130mph speedometer
  • got the billboard “SUPRA” sticker on the hatch
  • the hatch and bumper received same color treatment (no more black)
  • all 5 speeds received the 4.30 gears all automatics got 4.10 gears
  • received an internal fuel pump
  • the door lock switch was moved to the drivers side door
  • the tail lights also changed to having the reverse light closer to the license plate
  • door handles open by pulling up
  • the automatic climate control display changed style
  • automatic shifter style updated
  • 1984 was the only year L-type velour seats were an option
  • 1984 is the only year P-type leather cars did not come standard with a hatch wing
  • all had the new 161hp 169 ft/lb engine
  • received a new double spoiler (except the L-types which never got wings/spoilers)
  • also got heated mirrors that activate with the rear defroster
  • also received a different style TPS and EGR system
  • a factory alarm and a knock sensor,
  • the door handles had a green-lighted keyhole that was continued to 1986
  • later production 1985 cars had small head ignition keys
  • 3rd brake light added to meet regulations
  • AM Stereo button
  • subframe dampeners