The P-type (Performance) and L-type (Luxury) are the trim names most commonly associated with the North American market. Outside of Canada and the US, these differences are usually termed “widebody” for the P-type or “narrowbody” for the L-type. In Japan, they only had narrowbody versions of the chassis from factory, but they are called Celica XX and that’s a whole other post that I won’t be covering on this page.

  • Visually, the P-type had over-wheel arches made out of SMC fiberglass and the spoiler/sunshades came standard on them since 1983. L-type cars do not have these arches, and do not have a spoiler/sunshade from factory.
  • L-types did not receive the 8 way adjustable seats that came standard on P-type models.
  • L-type wheels were 14×5.5″ until 1985 when they changed to 15×6″ and a P-type style. 
  • All P-type wheels are 14×7″ alloys. 
  • L-types had digital dash w/ trip computer as an option. (except in Canada, where the P-type cars did have digital cluster as an option BUT NOT the trip computer as it only read in miles)
  • All P-types were available with headlight washers (except 1982 for the washers) and wheel flares, the L-types had no flares or headlight washers.
  • P-type cars came standard with a limited slip differential. 
    L-type cars were open diff from factory.

Wheel Specifications:
L-type 1982-1984 
14×5.5″ +27mm offset

L-type 1985 15×6 
+20 offset

P-type 1982-1986
14×7 +8mm offset

For more information, you can browse the Brochures pages, go to the last pages and see the Standard and Optional equipment for both models.