In Japan, the Supra started with what the US market knows as the third generation model. From 1978 to 1985 they were called Celica XX. This was unique to Japan only. All mk2 Celica XX were flareless (US L-type/narrowbody). The early 80s cars had fender mirrors but from 1984 and on models no longer had fender mirrors. Unlike the rest of the world market, Japan’s Celica XX had multiple trim levels and engine choices; 

L, S, G, GT, S turbo, G turbo



The 5MGEU was the less sought after engine due to Japanese regulations and insuring vehicles with engines larger than 2.0 liters, so it was quite expensive to own.

The Celica XX also came with different transmission and rear differential gear ratio options than the US. The 3.90 gear was never available in the MA61 chassis here in North America, and neither was the 4.56 ratio.