The data plate is located in the engine bay, on the firewall near your brake booster. It has all the important information about what your car came with from the factory. Below is the information on the very lower part of the data plate, with the important info about your color code, interior code, transmission and differential code.

Exterior Paint Codes:

Trim (interior) Codes:

Differential Codes:

Transmission code is only going to be one of 3 codes for NORTH AMERICA: 
  • W58 for 5 speed
  • A43DL automatic transmission for 1982
  • A43DE  automatic transmission for 1983-1986

Below is the breakdown of the VIN (vehicle identification number), which dealerships and auto parts stores will commonly ask for to more easily locate the appropriate parts for your car.

Extended data plate model designation breakdown:

For even MORE information on data plate model decoding, please see Stepho’s Website Here!